Thursday, 10 October 2013

Boorelu / Poornam Boorlu / Sukhiyan

Boorelu - Traditional Andhra Sweet is made for festivals, weddings and for many other occassions.
Cripsy outer layer and sweet channadal stuffing makes it very delicious and mouth watering. 

Boorelu are traditionally served with Ghee poured on it.In our childhood days we used to put a hole in the boori to get more ghee into it. This has become like a competetion in our family.

 Whoever makes a big hole and gets more  ghee in Boori is the winner.It doesn't really taste so good with toomuch ghee but competetion is competetion.

Make our favourite Boori in your kitchen too and celebrate festivals.
Happy Dussera :)  

For Outer Layer
1/2 cup Black Gram / Urad Dal
1 cup Rice 
1/2 teaspoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt 

For Stuffing
1 cup Bengal Gram / Channa Dal
1 cup Sugar
2 cups of Water
pinch of Cardamom Powder / Elaichi

  1. Soak Urad Dal and Rice for atleast 8 hours. Remove Water and grind it. While grinding add little Water. Leave it to ferment for just 6 hours. Add Sugar and Salt to it and properly mix it. Make Poornam. Click on How to make Poornam . Heat Oil for Deep fry.
  2. Dip Poornam in this batter, coat it all over with the batter..
  3. Sometimes after placing Boori in hot oil you may see tails of Boori . Tails are crispy and some people like it. But if you want to avoid these touch the Boori to the wall of a bowl and remove the portion which hangs down and then gently place it in Oil . Place only one Boori first to test the consistancy of the batter. If the consistency of the batter is correct, skin/ outer layer will not tear apart. (Tips Below).
  4. After the consistency test you can place 4-5 Boorelu at a time. When the Boori turns to golden brown remove it from oil.
  5. Enjoy this festive season with Boorelu :)


  • Outer Layer batter is almost similar to Dosa Batter but not fermented overnight or for more than 12 hours. Too much fermented batter doesn't give a good result. This batter is only fermented for just 6 hours. Left over batter can be used to make Dosas.
    Click on How to make Dosa
  • Stuffing / Poornam is heavy, so the outer layer should be thick enough to hold the stuffing, otherwise as I have mentioned outer layer / skin tears apart and you may see disasters in hot oil. You can add a tablespoon of Maida / All Purpose Flour or Rice Flour to adjust the consistency of batter.
  • While deep frying turn Boori all around so that it gets cooked properly on all sides. By doing this we get nice evenly coloured Boori.
  • You may add small Coconut pieces (1/2 cup) to Poornam. 

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