Monday, 25 May 2015

Corn Flour Halwa / Karachi Halwa (Microwave) - Diwali Sweets

Corn Flour Halwa or Karachi Halwa or Bombay Halwa is an easy to make halwa. This is a perfect sweet for Diwali. It looks like a jelly and tastes yummy.

I had guests last weekend for dinner . I made everything but forgot to make dessert. Then I didn't want to make anything time taking. Then this came to my mind. Just mixed the ingredients, kept it in microwave for 6 minutes, took it out the dessert was ready even before my guests arrived. My guests liked this soft, tasty halwa. Kids just loved it and their moms asked me the recipe  !!!!

I added yellow colour you can add orange or green colour too...This halwa gets spoiled after 2-3 days. So make less and finish it.


1 cup Corn Flour
2 1/2 cup Sugar
4 cups Water
4 tablespoon Ghee
1/2 cup Broken Cashew Nuts / Almonds
2-3 drops Food Colour

  1. In a microwave safe bowl mix Corn flour, sugar, ghee and food colour. Add Water and mix it without any lumps. Keep this bowl in microwave for 4 minutes. Meanwhile grease two plates( with a little depth) with ghee.
  2. Take the bowl out of microwave, mix the corn flour mixture thoroughly and keep it back in microwave for 4 more minutes. Mix it after every 2 minutes.  Take it out, add broken cashew nuts  and mix it again.  You can roast cashew nuts in ghee and then add.
  3. Pour the mixture on plates and spread it evenly. Leave it to set for 1/2 an hour. Then cut the halwa into pieces.
  4. I could make around 50 inch size pieces with the quantities mentioned above. You can half the quantities. Finish these in 2-3 days.