Friday, 19 September 2014

Easy Ice Lollies / Popsicles

What's the best thing you would love to have on a hot summer day than a Ice Lolly. 

Temperatures are raising here and we have entered into summer from winter with just few days of spring. So the heat is really unbearable now. My kids are asking me for cooldrinks, ice creams, ice lollies..Even at their tuck shop the demand for the ice lollies is increasing. Looking at these I thought why not make these at home. Home made Ice lollies are healthier, cheaper and you can make these with your own choice of flavours may be two or three flavours in one Ice lolly. It is fun to make these at home with kids.

Though I made these with cooldrink I don't recommend taking toomuch of cooldrinks. Once in a while its ok. The procedure is very easy . Many of us have don't it as a kid. I used to pour cooldrink in a stainless steel glass and freeze it. :) It tastes like the one we get in India with crushed ice.

Ice Lolly Moulds
Any Cooldrink

  1. Pour cooldrink in ice lollu mould. Remember not to fill it to the top as liquid raises its volume when it is frozen. Freeze them. After 3-4 take them out. Ice lollies are ready. 
  2. If you are not able to remove these from moulds. Keep them under hot water for 1-2 minutes.