Thursday, 25 July 2013

Racing Cars with Biscuits

Last Week it was my son's turn to be the Baker Man in his class means it was my turn to bake something for his classmates. I wanted to make something simple and easy. I got this idea from some site and my son liked it . Racing Cars....... Ofcourse boys favourite. I didn't do any baking for this but used some baking stuff.
Isn't it a nice idea for boy's birthday parties


Boudoir Biscuits
Small Teddy Bear Jelly Beans
5 tablespoons of Icing Sugar
1 tablespoon of Water
  1. Mix 5 levelled tablespoons of Icing Sugar with a tablespoon of water and make it a smooth paste.
  2. Take a drop of Icing Sugar paste with a kitchen knife and place on Gem.
  3. Keep Boudoir biscuit on a flat surface and stick gem to the biscuit. This is the wheel of the car.
  4. Stick all four wheels. Place Icing Sugar paste at the bottom of Teddy bear and stick it to biscuit in the place of the driver. I made a mistake here which my son has noticed later . I sticked teddy bear near the front wheels, where as in a racing car driver sits near the back wheels.
  5. Allow them to stick firmly for 30 mins.  First I made 2 cars for my son and daughter in blue and pink and then made few more. Look at my car factory.

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